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Silicon Valley Bank VC clients automatically qualify for exclusive discounts and complimentary back-fill of data (up to $12,000 total value). In addition, all your portfolio companies qualify for free access to our automated financial collaboration platform.

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Instantly Understand Your Portfolio’s Financial Health

Automated and Normalized Data Collection
Sending out manual information requests is cumbersome and time-consuming. With Quaestor, save time and engender goodwill with founders thanks to automated workflows and templates that simplify the collection of key metrics. Gain immediate clarity on portfolio company performance, enabling better decision making and support to your founders.

Centralized Information
Easily access aggregated company data across your portfolio and collaborate in real-time with your team and founders. You’re a great record-keeper, but it’s not an effective use of your time. Data flows into your dashboard continuously via our integrations, saving time for all parties. No more error-prone information in siloed spreadsheets, email, or legacy software

Actionable, Forward-Looking Insights
Get real-time insights on your companies and better understand potential winners and losers. Quaestor isn’t just about collecting data in one single source of truth. It’s about centralizing the data you have to help you see into the future. Be a value-added partner by proactively responding to asks and intros without constantly guessing what your founders need help with.

Reach New Standards in Financial Collaboration and Metrics Tracking

Automate data-driven portfolio management at your firm.

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