Insights, Compliance and Planning for Founders and Board Members

Quaestor is a data-driven governance platform that enables Board Members to be better fiduciaries while serving as a financial safeguard for CEOs. It’s simple, secure, and exists to protect all parties.

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Quaestor was created by leading entrepreneurs and investors who realized a utility for financial transparency should exist in the ecosystem. Quaestor establishes good governance as a best practice for CEOs, board members and major investors.

Quaestor is being used by CEOs to monitor spend, by board members in carrying out their fiduciary duty, by investors wanting a single source of truth for managing their portfolio, and by investment firms during financial due diligence—an important first step in alignment between responsible CEOs and their investors.

Be in the Know

Quaestor is an independent, third party that provides notifications on financial transactions. Our platform links directly into a company’s financial institution and operates quietly, in the background.

Quaestor displays high-level, real-time metrics including cash-in-bank, cash flow, and estimated runway to help all parties understand how a business is performing. Our automated Insight Reports and alerts surface notable transactions—and because it’s from a direct data source—the information can be trusted.

Safeguard Spend

Safeguard company spend through transaction insights on expenditures. Quaestor sends alerts on unusual activity, large transactions, and significant change over time.

Track Cash and Cashflow

Get the latest figures, direct from the source, and keep a finger on the pulse of a company’s finances.

Board and Founder Workflow

Quaestor provides a simplified workflow for Founders and their Board of Directors. Our Insight reports share financial transactions relevant to both parties. Quaestor surfaces data and strives to avoid unnecessary work.

01. Quaestor sends the CEO a report of notable and suspicious transactions at the end of every month.

02. The CEO sees the monthly report plus any other alerts first and can comment on anything unusual.

03. After 72 hours, the board can access the report as well as any comments left by the CEO.

04. Board Members review large and unusual expenses and can add comments or questions to specific transactions.

Quaestor is 100% secure.

We take security and protecting financial data seriously. We’re powered by Plaid, trusted and used by companies such as AMEX, Venmo, Coinbase. Quaestor has:

  • Bookkeeper, read-only access
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Two-factor Authentication (through Google sign-in)


Quaestor provides effective financial oversight.

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